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Services and Costs

­­­We believe in transparency and fair pricing.  We provide this price sheet with clear costs and fees accompanied with your visit. You have two Payment choices at PatienTrue:

  • Membership in our Direct Primary Care Clinic: This option is useful for those who would like regular visits for a flat monthly fee and improved access to your doctor.

  • Pay as You Go: This option is great for those wanting to be seen once or twice a year without the commitment of ongoing monthly payments.

Enjoy a new and simplified health care experience:

  • Same or next day appointments for acute care needs

  • Extended no-rush office visits

  • A “no wait” reception area

  • A preventative approach to your healthcare

  • No worries of copayments or deductibles

  • Access as often as you need (we encourage frequent visits)

  • An ongoing partnership with your physician

  • Full price transparency

  • An advocate to coordinate care outside of the clinic if needed

  • Care focused on treating the cause

  • Save money on medication, supplements, labs, and imaging

  • Call, text, email, or video chat with your doctor

  • House calls 


** Please email ( or call us (844-362-8255) for any questions about our pricing or services. **

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