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Membership Plans

You have options

You can choose to subscribe to one of our membership plans or you have the option of paying for visits at a fee for service price. 

Basic Plan

Includes Wellness visits and Acute Care visits once every month. Additional visits are discounted Walk-In rate of $39. Upgrade at any time.

Advanced Plan

Includes Wellness and Acute Care visits twice every month. In-House Labs are at cost. Upgrade at any time.

Complete plan

Includes unlimited Wellness and Acute Care visits and Chronic Care management. All In-House Labs are included and sent out Labs are at cost. House Calls are discounted to $49.  


$69 Walk-ins are welcome! You can apply the cost to a membership.


$99 House Calls can happen! Complete Care members get 1/2 off.


In-House Labs  never cost more than wholesale. Labs are included for Complete Care members.


We have a special offer for you! Introductory Specials, Groups and more.

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