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Full-Spectrum Care

Acute Care

Colds, fevers and cuts can't wait. We give Immediate relief from Illness or Injury without the expense of urgent care.

Chronic Care

Chronic Illness is a personal experience of living with an affliction. It takes more than meds to provide understanding. 


Doing In-House Labs allows us to diagnose, treat and prevent many common diseases faster and cheaper than outsourcing.

Essential Medications

We stock a number of Essential Medications at discount prices. You can put off that trip to the pharmacy.
Minor Procedures in primary care has long been held to be cost-effective and popular with patients. A stitch in time saves at least nine of something.

Minor Procedures

 Our goal is to Protect, Promote, and Maintain your health and well-being. By asking questions, taking tests and a little coaching your health can flourish. 

Preventative Medicine

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