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Supervising Physician

Assistant Physician

Laura Voss, DO

Dr. Laura Voss is PatienTrue's Supervising Physician.  She has been a family physician for 20 years. She has worked in the private sector, rural Cass County and served as an Assistant Professor of Community and Family Medicine for UMKC’s Family Medicine Residency Program.

Laura Voss, DO, holds a bachelor of science degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She obtained her medical degree, graduating magna cum laude, from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. Dr. Voss is board-certified in family practice.


She has also volunteered for the Sojourner Clinic which is run by the UMKC medical students and this clinic serves as the model that influenced the New Springs Community Clinic.

Kansas City Star Article about Dr. Voss and the Sojourner Clinic

Taking blood pressue

Dr. Voss oversee's other healthcare providers at the clinic. Many of the doctors you will meet are Assistant Physicians (AP). Assistant Physicians are Medical Doctors (MD) and Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) who graduate from a 4-year medical school program but do not complete a residency program. 


Residency that traditionally follows a physicians path to licensure prepares them to work in a specific specialty such as Internal Medicine or Cardiology. MDs and DOs who do not complete residency become licensed as Assistant Physicians and work under supervision of a collaborating physician.


APs are often confused with Physician Assistants (PAs); However, APs have an additional 2 years of extensive clinical training which covers all areas of medicine. This training allows APs to practice primary care with collaboration of a Supervising physician.  This collaboration allows for a higher level of service than working alone.


Our adept medical team is here to help.

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